Meet Our Team

Shared Medical Services Team

The real difference between SMS and other imaging providers is the experience, commitment, longevity, and quality of our staff. This is shown from the top down, with the SMS executive team holding an average of 22 years experience with SMS and the SMS Regional Operations Managers holding an average of 16 years with SMS. Plus, our Regional Operations Managers are also experienced certified technologists.    

Together the SMS team strives to provide facilities with the latest technology (MRI, CT, PET/CT, and Mammography) in diagnostic imaging solutions, so facilities can offer the best care to the people who matter most – the patients.

Founder and Chairman
Chief Financial Officer
Vice President of Business Development
Vice President of Sales
Regional Vice President
Heartland Region
Regional Vice President
North East Region
Regional Vice President
Central Region
Regional Vice President
Great Lakes Region
Director of Field Operations