Mobile PET/CT

Mobile PET/CT

Shared Medical Services is a leading provider of mobile PET/CT services. With our expansive fleet of mobile PET/CT systems in service throughout the country, we are an industry leader with the knowledge, depth of experience and resources to meet your challenges. Our certified mobile PET/CT systems are housed in a self-contained environmental system which allows us to operate directly adjacent to your facility.

Parked PET/CT

Shared Medical Services has been working with facilities for nearly 40 years helping determine the best solution for their diagnostic imaging departments. A parked solution is a great way to bridge the gap between mobile and in-house services. For many facilities a parked full-time system is a good way to determine if an in-house system is going to be beneficial for their community and for the facility’s bottom line.

A parked mobile solution is a popular stationary solution, allowing little to no up-front costs. We also have unique financial options that best fit your facility’s needs. These options allow facilities to add new modalities or supplement existing modalities with less risk.

Modular PET/CT

Modular solutions are the latest way to bring full-time diagnostic imaging solutions to your facility without a large capital investment or having to expand or remodel. The natural evolution for many facilities is from regularly scheduled mobile service to a parked mobile solution and eventually to an in-house fixed solution. However, some facilities do not have the space within their existing building to add a new modality or the capital. A modular building could be the solution.

In-House PET/CT

With most facilities, the next step in the progression of PET/CT services is transitioning to an in-house system. Shared Medical Services’ has the expertise and experience to assist your facility in making the appropriate choice. Making the transition from a mobile or parked system to in-house can be a challenging one. However, partnering with SMS makes the transition easier.

Why Choose PET/CT Services with SMS?

  • Frees up capital that can be used elsewhere
  • Upgrade paths to maintain state-of-the-art capabilities
  • Marketing assistance customized to reflect your facility’s needs
  • PET/CT reimbursement and coding support
  • Interpreting workstations with the latest software versions and applications training
  • Network connectivity with PACS, workstations, and other DICOM imaging destinations
  • Quality Assurance Program that meets or exceeds The Joint Commission (TJC) standards
  • Registered, qualified, and patient-oriented technologists
  • Regional Operations Managers average at least 16 years of experience in their field and with SMS
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What Our Clients Are Saying

I couldn’t be happier with the PET/CT services from Shared Medical Services. This is my 7th year working with Shared Medical Services and you couldn’t find a more caring team willing to work to meet my unique needs. Shared Medical Services worked diligently with me to customize our program to meet the challenges presented in our geographic area. The entire staff that takes care of our patients does an excellent job of customer service and are well trained technically and certified in their specialty. I have found with Shared Medical Services you get much more than the traditional contracted service, you experience a true business partnership in which Shared Medical Services is just as committed to customer service and quality care as we are.

Robert F

Cancer Services Director

We have been using Shared Medical Services to provide PET/CT to our patients since 2005. They provide excellent equipment and their technologists are extremely professional and compassionate. SMS exceeds our expectations!

Steve D

Vice President - Operations Support

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