Shared Medical Services Interim Solutions

Emergency Interim Mobile MRI CT PET/CT Solutions

Because things happen, plan ahead for the unexpected!

When things happen, you and your patients can't afford not to have important advanced medical equipment such as CT, MRI, and PET/CT. So, that's why Shared Medical Services has their interim division, Solutions Group.

Shared Medical Services, Solutions Group provides a full range of imaging options and services. Solutions Group combines over fifteen years of experience in CT, MRI, and PET/CT lease and interim service. WIth two strategic locations in the U.S., Madison, Wisconsin and Omaha, Nebraska, Solutions Group can provide service & support from coast to coast.

Solutions Group has helped healthcare facilities when they've need it the most:

  • Midwest Floods, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Hurricane Katrina, La Place, Louisiana
  • Unexpected System Failures
  • Construction Projects
  • System Upgrades



Find out more about how Shared Medical ServicesTM can help better serve your patients by bringing world-class diagnostic imaging to your institution. Improve your patient care without straining your organization's finances or ongoing patient services.