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What is CT? | What to expect

The technologist begins by positioning you on the CT examination table, usually lying flat on your back or possibly on your side or on your stomach. Straps and pillows may be used to help you maintain the correct position and to hold still during the exam. If a contrast material is used, it will be swallowed, injected through an intravenous line (IV) or administered by enema, depending on the type of examination.
Next, the table will move quickly through the scanner to determine the correct starting position for the scans. Then, the table will move slowly through the machine as the actual CT scanning is performed.
You may be asked to hold your breath during the scanning.
When the examination is completed, you will be asked to wait until the technologist determines that the images are of high enough quality for the radiologist to read.
CT scanning of the body usually lasts between five and 30 minutes.


Wondering what your doctor will be reviewing? Click below on a thumbnail to view an actual CT scan.