Shared Medical Services Our Team

Maureen Kenney, Vice President of Sales

Maureen Kenney joined SMS in July 2002 and currently holds the position of Vice President of Sales. Her previous roles at SMS include Regional Director of PET/CT followed by ten years of service as Regional Vice President, Great Lakes Region (PET/CT & Mammography). Maureen has served on the SMS Business Development Group since 2006.

Maureen is responsible for IDN strategies, sales leadership and business development across the nation. Maureen came to SMS from GE Healthcare, where she held various management positions within GE’s Field Service Division. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of Phoenix. Maureen has an entrepreneurial spirit that drives creativity and discipline resulting in innovation and a steady stream of solutions to customer needs. She is strongly committed to SMS's employee-owned culture and the sense of caring it brings in the form of high productivity, expert resources, excellent customer service, and delivering on promises; all benefits to SMS customers.


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