Shared Medical Services Our Team

Greg Glesinger, Vice President

Greg Glesinger was promoted to Vice President in January of 2012. Prior to being promoted, Mr. Glesinger was the Director of New Business & Development since 2003. Mr. Glesinger helps lead the organization as it finds profitable growth by targeting emerging businesses new to Shared Medical Services' exciting portfolio. Mr. Glesinger also oversees all communications between original equipment manufacturers, purchasing agreements, service, and other contractual agreements throughout the company, as well as evaluates new technology opportunities.

During his tenure, Mr. Glesinger has been Director of PET/CT, Director of Operations, and Sales Executive/Regional Operations Manager, managing and developing Arizona and New Mexico. Mr. Glesinger developed this new territory to become a profitable region for Shared Medical Services.

Mr. Glesinger has served on the Business Development Group since 2000.

Glesinger received his Bachelor of Science in Public Relations, minoring in Business Management, from Northwest Missouri State University (Maryville, MO) in 1993.


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